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Annacoona is a 14 year old single malt whiskey finished in a combination of Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry casks. As with all our First Editions it is limited to 6,600 uniquely numbered bottles, crafted and curated by Billy Waker. It tells the old Celtic Myth of the two lovers, Diarmait & Grania.

The lovers eloped and were chased by Fionn MacCool throughout Ireland, eventually settling in Annacoona Cave, high on Benbulben mountain, where they met their ultimate fate. With Diarmuid dying, after being gored by a wild boar, Finn agonises over whether he should save him with a drink of precious water cupped by his magical hands.

The question remains; what would you do with one last drop?


Annacoona Story

The Sanctuary Of Diarmait And Grania

The love-battle associated with the elopement of Diarmait and Grania is widely considered the greatest romance in the pantheon of Irish legends.

Annacoona is embodied in the story of these mythic lovers as the intertwined expressions of Oloroso and PX Sherry and Irish single malt whiskey that elucidates a ménage à trois comprising of Finn McCool, his betrothed Grania and the libertine Diarmait.

During a fateful hunt, set between the lush deep groves of Keshcorann and the majestic slopes of Ben Bulben, the other- worldly Earless Green Boar appears. During their almighty tussle the beast is killed but Diarmait is fatally gorged. He calls upon his erstwhile friend Finn to fetch a handful of Seefin Well’s curative waters.

Holding hostage this aqueous elixir in his life-giving hands, Finn agonises over whether he should save his former love rival’s life. Walking back to the prostrate Diarmait, with the precious waters cupped in his enpalmed pail, the question remains, ‘what would you do with one last drop?’

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Annacoona tasting notes/experience

This Irish Single Malt has been aged for 11 years in American oak casks and finished for 3 in the finest Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks. Annacoona is the first expression from Athru and an exceptional single malt, resonant with autumnal aromas and rich, silky smoothness


Very elegant flavours of melted dark chocolate, dried fruits and orange oil. Fruity and Fresh

Salted caramel, orange oil, candied peels, rich dark forest fruits and spices

Medium length with oak, honey, orange and dark chocolate



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