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Collector Editions of 3 x 3

Over the past 4 years we have been quietly finishing a sublime single malt whiskey, which was hand selected by Billy Walker in 2015, at the time he was voted Global Distiller of the Year. We are releasing 3 trilogies over the next 3 years, each release being limited to 6,600 individually numbered bottles, all finished in different and unique casks.

These First Editions tell stories of ancient Ireland as documented in the Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland (or the Annals of the Four Masters), chronicles of medieval Irish history, spanning from the Deluge to 1600. They were compiled circa 1632 at a Franciscan friary on the borders of County Sligo.


The Creation Trilogy

Our first Trilogy is called The Creation Trilogy. The artwork on the boxes and bottles reflect the stories on the inside cover, each retelling a foundational story related to the creation of Ireland, the land of Saints and Scholars.


Expert craft Finishing

Billy Walker, Whiskey Veteran, Master of the Quaich & World Distiller of the Year, is a master at finishing whiskey in unusual barrels. Under his guidance, we selected nine unique cask styles in which we have been quietly maturing our whiskey since 2015.

Whiskey finishing or secondary maturation is a relatively new concept, only really emerging within the past 20 years. It is the process whereby a distiller transfers their whiskey from one type of cask to another. This secondary maturation adds complexity to the whiskey, changing its colour and flavour profile, depending on the type of cask used.

The most common types of casks used are sherry casks, typically adding rich notes of dried fruit and spices, which are a contrast to the vanilla and toffee notes from ex-bourbon casks. After just two years, up to 12% of a 500-litre Sherry butt’s contents can be absorbed into the oak with the corresponding amount of Sherry, about 60 litres, eventually breathing out of the wood into the whiskey, adding to the flavour of the maturing product. This is why the process is becoming so popular and a required area of expertise for any distillery.

In 2018 we introduced our first collection, consisting of nine whiskeys in total, released over a three year period, all with unique and exceptional finishes.