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Lough Gill Distillery is situated in a unique location in Sligo West of Ireland. An area surrounded by history, folklore and mythology. Even the word whiskey is immersed in Gaelic roots, deriving from the term uisce beatha, meaning ‘water of life’ . Whiskey is one of Europe’s earliest distilled beverages, the first record of Irish whiskey dating back to 1405, around 90 years before it was first recorded in Scotland. The factors that define Irish whiskey include a rich history and reputation, a unique production process, natural elements such as water and climate, and the passion and commitment of the people who participate in the production process. All these, and more, are found in abundance in Hazelwood Estate and the Lough Gill Distillery.

Irish whiskey led the world’s spirits trade before a perfect storm of politics and prohibition decimated the country’s producers. After a period of decline during the 20th century, Irish Whiskey is now the fastest growing spirit in the world.


The Distillery

Conceived in Ireland and built by master craftsmen in Italy, our state of the art distillery was commissioned in 2019 and is capable of producing over One million litres of alcohol per annum, equating to about three million bottles of ultra-premium spirit. Using our three specially designed pot stills, we are dedicated to the production of triple distilled single malt whiskey in the Irish tradition.