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The original name for the area is Annagh and was on land belonging to the O'Connors of Sligo, Lords of the territory of Cairbre Drom Cliabh. This area belonged to the O'Connors throughout the Medieval period. During the planning for the aborted Plantation of Connacht, the estate was bought by Sir Phillip Perceval and subsequent allegations claimed that Perceval tricked O'Connor into selling by claiming that the land belonged to the Crown and would be subject to Plantation without any recompense to O'Connor. Owen Wynne purchased the estate in 1722 and subsequent generations lived here for over 200 years.

Photo - Dublin City Library and Archive.



The Wynne family of Hazelwood were of Welsh extraction. They claimed descent from a distinguished chieftain of the 12th century in Merionetshire. They lived on the estate for over 200 years until they left Hazelwood in 1923. Lieutenant General Owen Wynne purchased the estate in 1722. In addition to the 14,500 acres the conveyance also included extensive property within the Borough of Sligo, together with the fairs, markets and tolls. For over two centuries, and spanning many generations, the Wynnes exercised a powerful influence upon the destinies of the Borough and County. The Wynnes were a very important Sligo family and included members of Parliament and High Sheriffs within their ranks. Their influence and power extended into almost every civic activity. For close on a century and a half they or their nominees sat undisturbed in Parliament representing either the Borough or the County and sometimes both. On the broader horizon they occasionally came into national prominence, Under-secretary of State, Privy Councillors and others sat on Select Committees of the House.

Photo - Dublin City Library and Archive.



The Wynne dynasty, of Welsh extraction, lasted over 200 years in Hazelwood. All but one family head was named Owen


Owen Wynne II (1664 – 1737)

Owen Wynne III. (1686 – 1755)

Owen Wynne IV. (1723 – 1789)

Owen Wynne V (1755 – 1841)

John Arthur Wynne (1801 – 1865)

Owen Wynne VI (1843 – 1910)

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