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Heads of the family

Owen Wynne III (1686 – 1755)

Owen Wynne III was born in 1686 in Foxford, Toomore, Mayo, Ireland. He was the son of Lewis Wynne and Rebecca Wynne. Owen was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in 1703. As soon as he was able, he served the Crown, aged 19 or 20, by joining the army. When Owen Wynne III succeeded his uncle in 1737, he was the first of the Wynnes to combine in one ownership the family lands in Counties Leitrim, Cavan and Sligo. As soon as he was able, he served the Crown, aged 19 or 20, by joining the army, buying a company two years later and served several years in Flanders.

He married his first cousin Catherine, daughter of Colonel John Ffolliott of Donegal and his wife Lucy daughter of Owen Wynne I. Owen III and Catherine had three sons, James, Owen (later Owen IV) and John, and two daughters, Lucy and Hannah. Hannah in 1743 married William Ormsby, MP, of Willowbrook (three miles from Sligo, on the road to Glencar). She thus became an ancestress of the Ormsby-Gore family. Owen III was High Sheriff of Co. Sligo in 1723 and 1745, he filled the same office in Co. Leitrim in 1724. He died aged 79 in 1755. His wife, Catherine, died in 1778. Owen III's eldest son, James, died in 1748, eight years before his father's death. He was MP for Co. Sligo from 1737 to his death. He married Susanna, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Sir Arthur Shaen,2nd and last baronet of Kilmore, Co. Roscommon, but they had no children. This marriage was hardly a success, as there was a lawsuit of 1745 where the plaintiff was Susanna Wynne and the defendant her husband, James Wynne.

Owen Wynne III was a colonel in the army, as probably was his second son, Owen IV, and certainly his third son, John. Captain Wynne was one of few proprietors of Hazelwood who did not sit in Parliament. Two of his sons, James and Capt. John, between them represented the Borough and County in Parliament for over thirty years. Owen III died in 1755 and was succeeded by his second son, Owen IV.

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